VP Sports Candidate: Maddy Watson

Maddy Watson is a bit of a grafter.

The running and equestrian fanatic settles down for her interview sporting what has now became a uniform for her. Maroon tracksuit top, leggings, running shoes.

“I have literally just come from a meeting with the head of Nourish,” she breathlessly says.

Watson’s CV is a smorgasbord of sports posts. A committee member at both Strathclyde Harriers Running Club and Equestrian. Committee member at the sports executive and sports awards. Treasurer. Events captain. Social media manager. Secretary. And this year, Vice-President of the Sports Union.

There’s just one position left for her to fill before the maroon tops are consigned to a box in the attic. The big one. And it’s her vast experience in sports at Strathclyde that has led to her gaining the Strathclyde Telegraph’s official endorsement for VP Sport.

Her manifesto features grand promises of restructuring the university’s catering company, Nourish, to deliver £3 meal deals for students and a sponsorship arrangement that would help fill a funding black hole that has troubled sports clubs for so long.

Listen to Steven and Maddy talk Nourish here


And while some believe that’s pie-in-the-sky thinking, Watson has behind-the-scenes pictures of their new vegan range and the word of their new boss to prove otherwise.

She said: “I think a lot of people think I’m at it with this one! But there’s a new manager at Nourish that started a month ago.

“I met with him and I asked what we could achieve together. I was pretty blunt with him and I said that the pricing, quality, options and dietary requirements need to improve.

“He’s working hard to improve it and he’s keen for it to be a sports-led revolution, if you like.

“Graham was really open to suggestions. We talked about a £3 meal deal and he said he could put a lot of the wraps and sandwiches in a £3 deal.

“It would be that, a drink and a piece of fruit or a pack of crisps. They could also do a premium meal deal, if you like, which would be £4.

“The Nourish things are really achievable and I’m really enthusiastic about working with them.”

Watson admits she was “shocked” to learn her colleague in the sports executive Alex Brock chose to endorse her opponent.

Steven and Maddy talk ‘Brock’ Endorsement


But the fourth-year politics student isn’t fazed by the announcement from the outgoing Sports Union President.

And she still has enormous respect for the job Brock has done over the last year in the position Watson is seeking election for.

Brock dropped the bombshell announcement on Monday that he would be endorsing Natalie Scobie – and NOT Watson, his Vice-President at the Sports Union.

“I was shocked. He did obviously message me beforehand to tell me,” said Watson.

“Brock and I have had a pretty good working relationship. We’ve worked very closely together with me being Vice-President.

“I see him as a pal and a great guy. I think he’s done a lot of good stuff for the Sports Union, including the Wednesday afternoon policy.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that’s his.”

Asked if the endorsement could have an impact on voting, Watson said: “It could do.

“Quite often it doesn’t seem to have much of an effect. I’m not particularly worried. I think it will be alright.

“I have nothing but respect for Brock though and if he wants to endorse Natalie and thinks she is the best person for it then I respect that.”

Whether it does have a bearing on the votes or not, Watson will carry on regardless. She trains six days a week for running but her relentless campaigning for the VP Sport position sounds just as strenuous.

With her vast experience over her four years, she knows sports at Strathclyde inside out. And that’s why we’re up for a Wild Year with Watson.

Voting opens at 10am on Tuesday 5 March.

By Steven Mair

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