VP Sports Candidate: Natalie Scobie

It is a bit of a sports cliché but it’s one that rings true for this year’s VP Sport election.

“Who doesn’t love an underdog?” That’s Natalie Scobie, in her own words.

She has not held office in the sport executive while her opponent Maddy Watson is practically in with the bricks in the new Strathclyde Sport building.

But don’t count her out. Scobie seems to be gaining momentum at a crucial time – with the recent endorsements of current VP Sport Alex Brock and Benn Rapson, a candidate for VP Community.

Her manifesto is geared towards levelling the playing field and treating all sports the same no matter their BUCS status or popularity.

Listen to Natalie and Steven talk about improving smaller clubs & recreational sport

She said: “At the end of the day, we’re one Sports Union and we’re here to help each other. We’re only going to improve if we all support each other. BUCS is very important but it shouldn’t be a cause for favouritism. The non-BUCS sports are still part of the Sports Union. They should still be on the same level.

“A club of the week campaign would be a good way of promoting the smaller clubs and through that they would get more support and participation. How on earth can a club develop if they don’t get the opportunity to do so?”

Scobie gushes when asked about the endorsement from the outgoing Brock. Rival candidate Watson is second-in-command to Brock at the Sports Union and all signs pointed to Brock recommending the next-in-line to the sports throne.

Listen to Natalie and Steven talk Alex Brock’s Endorsement

But his announcement came as a surprise even to Scobie, who feels her potential status as an ‘outsider’ will actually play to her advantage.

And she feels that no matter who wins the most votes over the next two days, the two girls that are up for election will serve Strathclyde well.

“Having the backing of the current Sports VP is a good feeling and I appreciate it,” said Scobie. “He’s been amazing and he was telling me the ins and outs of the job when I met him which has allowed me to prepare for the job.

“I do think a few people were shocked. But I’m a fresh face and that could be beneficial. I am from a completely new perspective. It does show that he has a lot of faith in me. A lot of people at the start perhaps expected that it was going to go one way. But maybe that’s changed as the campaign has gone on.

“It happened very quickly when it started out as four candidates then suddenly went down to two. It does add a little bit of pressure but I work well under pressure. It’s two girls, we both do sport, it’s a win/win situation for the Sports Union.”

Voting opens on Tuesday 5th March at 10am.

Listen to Steven and Natalie’s full interview here:

By Steven Mair

Audio produced by Callum Ogilvie