Live Review – The Japanese House at Glasgow’s SWG3.

By Yulianna Shalenyk

The Japanese House left an indelible mark on the Glasgow music scene with a gig that can only be described as an exciting journey through the realms of indie pop.

As fans steadily filled the SWG3 studio on Thursday 12th October, a sense of anticipation hung in the air, like a collective electric charge waiting for the appearance of the enigmatic Amber Bane.

And then it happened – she graced the stage, and the crowd erupted in applause. The Japanese House wasted no time, kicking off the evening with the soul-stirring opening lines of “Sad to Breathe,” and the audience fell under their spell from the very first note. The atmosphere was nothing short of electric, as people hung on to every lyric and chord that Amber played on her guitar.

As the set continued, “Something Has to Change” began to play, and it was a turning point in the performance. It was as if a wave of unity washed over the audience, and in an instant, the whole room seemed to be singing in harmony with Amber, swaying to the sounds of the guitar. The sense of togetherness was profound. It was a kind of musical meditation where every person in the room found themselves on the same wavelength, united by the irresistible allure of indie pop.

The lighting complemented the music beautifully, creating an immersive atmosphere that enhanced the overall experience.

In the end, The Japanese House’s gig in Glasgow wasn’t just a concert. Amber Bane and her bandmates created a night that will be etched in the memory of all who were lucky enough to be there. It’s a testament to the band’s talent and their ability to create a sense of unity and connection through their music.