And now, a word from the President: September recap

Strath Union President Eva Curran (L), Strath Union logo (R)

Student Union President Eva Curran tells all about what went down at Strathy in the first month of the academic year…

By Eva Curran (she/her)

Hey everyone!

If I’ve not had the chance to speak to you yet, I’m Eva, your President at Strath Union. During my time as a student, I loved writing for the Strathclyde Telegraph. It was a great way to get involved with student life and meet lovely people. So on that note, I’ll be writing monthly updates to give you all an idea about some of the projects I’ve been working on!

Firstly, a bit about my role. My job at the Union is to represent you! I act as one of the public spokespeople for the Union, sitting on boards and committees to provide the student perspective to the University. I’m also the Chair of the Trustee Board which means I’m responsible for driving policy-making and ensuring good governance. I support our five executive officers and elected reps on representation and campaigns. My favourite part of the role is student-facing events. I love creating campaigns that drive engagement and create a sense of community. For me, it’s all about students coming together to make some positive change at Strathclyde.

September was hectic, in all the best ways. We had a packed Fresher’s week, with events like a Taylor Swift night, plant and vintage markets and trips to Top Golf, to name just a few. I loved speaking at the Student Inaugurations in Barony Hall to welcome all our new students. There was a sense of excitement and community in the room which was lovely to see. I can admit that the thought of speaking in front of so many people was a little nerve-racking. But after seeing all the smiling faces, the nerves melted away. It was great to attend so many society-led events as well. The effort and energy that societies put into providing events for other students is amazing. Remember to give your committee a little compliment once in a while!

This month I was elected Chair of the Glasgow Student Forum. This is a valuable network of student officers from universities and colleges across the city. We strive to make positive changes that will impact students studying in Glasgow. I was previously the Chair in 2019 and our work on public transport went towards achieving the free bus travel for under 22s in Scotland! It just demonstrates the power that students have when we come together for a common cause.

That’s all for this month! If you have an idea, want to start a new society, or need film recommendations, you can reach me at my email or through Instagram @evastrathpres.

Talk soon,

Eva x