Celebrating Oktoberfest at Strathclyde

Jess Corfield (she/her) gives us a run-down on the Travel Society and Engineers with Beers’ sold-out Oktoberfest social that took place last Tuesday.

If you haven’t found out about the Oktoberfest Festival by now, then hold onto your Lederhosen, because you’re about to. Celebrated officially in Munich since 1810, and unofficially worldwide, the two-week German festival is the biggest festivity of Bavarian culture, Bavarian food, and, most importantly – Bavarian beer.

The festival, which started all those years ago as a celebration of the marriage between the Crown Prince of Bavaria and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen (try saying that one five times backwards), has now morphed over the years into a festival that is intrinsic to the national identity of Germany. And, for one night only, we got to experience our own slice of Oktoberfest right here at Strathclyde!

So, let’s get into it…

Where? Bavaria Brauhaus!

Who? 100 members of Travel Society, Engineers with Beers, and ESN!

What? Beer and buffet!

Why? A good time!

Considering that we had reservations about even meeting the 30-ticket minimum, we were absolutely delighted to find out that the 100 tickets for the event sold out within a few days. We were even more delighted to see that it seemed to be an even split between the societies. It was great to see so many students from different backgrounds with each other – after all, when else would you see Travel Society and the Engineers with Beers Society in the same room together?

Armed with not much more than a list of names and a couple of steins, we ushered everyone up to our private space. Merriment ensued, as did enough food to feed a small army. Not to forget the ‘who-can-drink-a-stein-the-fastest’ competitions. A classic! We even welcomed Eva, the President of Strath Union, into the festivities. As the night carried on, and with the promising knowledge that discounted beer awaited us all at the Howlin Wolf, we found ourselves making our way there come 9 o’clock. And I’ll end my run-down there as I can’t remember much else…

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