BLACK HISTORY BOOK REVIEW: ‘Misogynoir Transformed’ by Moya Bailey

Misogynoir Transformed Cover Combined Academic Publishing

By Rachel Cronin

4 stars

Moya Bailey coined the term ‘misogynoir’ in 2008 to describe the unique and interlinking oppressions specific to Black women and femme presenting Black people. Almost 15 years later, the viral uptake of the term led to this insightful and much anticipated analysis of Black women’s and Black gender-non-conforming people’s digital activism.

Misogynoir Transformed- Combined Academic Publishing

From the unpacking of YouTube web series like Skye’s The Limit to a nostalgic deep-dive into the forgotten landscape of Tumblr online activism, this exploration into resistance presents itself as a celebration of Black online activist’s work while remaining critically aware of their shortcomings. Misogynoir Transformed: Black Women’s Digital Resistance lights up existing problems in media representations of Black women that appear as harmful tropes and caricatures. Also explored is the modern ability to record, expose and distribute racist abuse against Black femmes and women from those in positions of power. Most notable in her work is Bailey’s focus on Black LGBTQIA+ individuals, particularly the overlooked pioneers of LBGT activism, Black trans women.

Thoroughly researched and elegantly written, the piece remains easy to read despite the academic nature of its content. Bailey’s personal and engaging voice leaks out each page, making the piece almost novel-esque. By interviewing fellow online activists-turned-friends, a feeling of solidarity is revealed that truly presents the nature of the Internet communities which Bailey champions while remaining critical of remaining anti-misogynoir work that is yet to be done.

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