Jeremy Corbyn Receives Lifetime Membership to Strathclyde Union

By Steven Mair

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been awarded a lifetime membership to the Strathclyde Students’ Union for assisting a Strathclyde student faced with deportation from the UK.

Lord Apetsi was detained for deportation in 2016 before the intervention of Corbyn and SNP politicians put a halt to the proceedings to allow Apetsi to stay in the UK and continue his studies.

And as a thank-you, the award of a lifetime membership was announced by current Union President Matt Crilly in a special appearance by the Leader of the Opposition in Vertigo.

Corbyn said: “I’m very honoured to be here and to be given a membership to the association, so I thank you all for that.

“You as an association stood up for somebody in need. Just imagine what it’s like to go through that, when you and your family are threatened with having to leave this country through deportation.

“People worked together, campaigned and the case was won.”

Corbyn’s is the first lifetime membership given by Crilly – now in his second year as President – and he received the honour as thanks for assisting Apetsi in 2016.

Apetsi said: “I want to say thank you so much to my fellow students for fighting for me so much. We fought Theresa May and here I am.

“This is what happens when we believe in social justice, when we believe in the ordinary person, and the human power.

“The power of unity and the power of the people. When people come together, nothing can stop us. So thank you.”

Also speaking at the event were Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard, Labour’s prospective MP candidate for the Glasgow Central seat, Faten Hameed, and chair of Scottish Young Labour, Strathclyde student Enas Magzoub.

Corbyn was able to visit Strathclyde after a five-week prorogation triggered by Prime Minister Boris Johnson suspended proceedings in the House of Commons. Johnson currently faces a legal appeal to determine if the prorogation was lawful.