Graduation Fees Are Now a Thing of the Past

The University of Strathclyde is abolishing its graduation fees.

This January the Strathclyde Students’ Union released a video for the campaign behind the removal of graduation fees. The video called on the University to abolish the fee, and asked for students to sign the petition.

The University has responded and has set out a plan to get rid of its graduation fees, before the end of the spring semester. Both the Union and the University agree that regardless of their ability to come up with sufficient funds, everyone should be able to attend their graduation.

As a result. Come June this year, graduates will no longer have to pay the fees that were previously required for them to graduate.

“I’m so happy about this! After years of studying, everyone should be able to enjoy their graduation regardless of their financial situation. This will go a long way in helping students, and the Student Union will still be supporting students who struggle with the cost of gown hire.” Said Matt Crilly, President of Strathclyde Students’ Union.

Crilly initiated the campaign last semester by formally contacting the Student Experience Committee asking for the University to remove the graduation fees, as Glasgow University removed them last year.

Sophie Gwynne and Emily McIlhatton, University of Strathclyde faculty representatives, began investigating reducing the cost, after Crilly contacted them regarding the graduation fees.

In December 2018 an informal online poll was conducted, where over 1200 university students voted to abolish the graduation fees and not to settle for a reduced cost.

The hard work of the Strathclyde Students’ Union with backing up from hundreds of students has made the University realise the need for change.

“I thank the University for listening to the student voice. Yaldy!” Crilly exclaims.

By Frida Kaarbø Moen