Strathclyde Union stands up against spiking

Strathclyde Student Union and Strathclyde Union Bars have teamed up with ‘Girls Against Spiking’ to provide lids for all drinks served to prevent spiking.

Recently there has been an increased number of drinks that have been spiked in the Glasgow area, followed by a high number of injuries as a result. Strathclyde student Cara Teven experienced a close friend of hers being spiked recently which caused her to create the Facebook page ‘Girls Against Spiking’. The group became popular fast and the number of followers on the page quickly grew to more than 3,400 followers and the word is rapidly spreading.

Kler Binning, an employee of the Strathclyde Union saw a post ‘Girls against Spiking’ published, and contacted her Duty Manager about the possibility of them taking part in it.

“Because I work for the Union I could try to get something done” Binning says.

The Union then contacted Teven straight away concerning the lids and within a day it was confirmed that the Union would start offering lids in their bars.

“By doing this the Union have really shown the forward thinking spirit of Strathclyde.” Teven proudly says.

Jennifer Imrie, a representative of the Union says “We decided to join the lids initiative because there’s been a lot more spiking in Glasgow recently, and with the safety of students as our main priority, there is absolutely no reason that we shouldn’t be using them.”

The lids are now in operation in the Strathclyde Union Bars, and if they are not handed out with the drink, the bartenders have them behind the counter and hand them out if asked.

The lids offered now are made out of PLA, which is more eco-friendly than plastic, but they are still on the look for an even better option.

By Frida Kaarbø Moen