Top Five Strath Election Policies Revealed

The top five policies of this year’s Strath Elections have been revealed following the results of an exclusive Strathclyde Telegraph poll.

1. Reduction in counselling waiting times: Kyle Scott, Matt Crilly 

Taking 36 individual ideas from the manifestos of all six main positions, those polled suggested that a decrease in student counselling waiting times is the most popular policy proposed across all candidates.

The results come after current President Matt Crilly secured additional funding for mental health support before the turn of the year – which could turn a manifesto promise into a reality for the candidates that have proposed quicker access to counselling.

2. Monthly Strathclyde Sport membership for students: Heather McIlraith

The second most popular policy, suggested by Heather McIlraith in the VP Sport race, is a monthly membership to Strathclyde Sport, the university’s £31m health and fitness facility that opened in October.

Currently students only have the option to purchase their membership in one full payment but a monthly subscription – which is currently available to staff, alumni and members of the public – would help students spread the cost of staying active.

Tied – 3. Digital booking system in the students’ union: Benn Rapson, Erica Oxley, Matt Crilly

Tied in third are two policies relating to the students’ union building. Firstly, students seem to want access to a digital booking system for meeting spaces, which could prevent double-booking and allow for easy cancellation. An electronic system already exists in the library and it is feasible that system could be brought down the road to John Street if the demand is there.

Tied – 3. Live gigs in the union: Matt Crilly

And, there is also an appetite for a policy that demands the return of live gigs at the union, which once saw the likes of Girls Aloud and Calvin Harris perform.

5. Three-week assignment turnaround: Matt Crilly

Finishing the top five is the promise of a three-week assignment turnaround period from submission to the returning of marks.

Voting for the 2019 Strath Elections opens 5 March at 10am.

By Steven Mair