5 Ways to Dress for Uni in Winter

Ah, winter. Nothing makes me feel more festive than trudging up North Portland Street while being hit in the face with icy cold rain. By the time you get to the top you have so many questions. You’re melting in your padded jacket, but do you dare unzip it? Your brolly has blown inside out so do you take one of those library books out your bag for shelter?

So, to save any fuss here are 5 ways to make dressing for university this winter easier.

  1. Layer, layer, layer!

Give a Victoria sponge a run for its money by dressing in layers. I’m talking cardigans, thinner jackets and scarves – all things you can take off or add on as you go. Every lecture hall is a different temperature, so this way you’ll be able to make yourself comfortable wherever you are.

  1. Day to night.

Dressing for a nightclub in the cold is such a tricky balance – you want to look good but don’t want to freeze doing it. Honestly, just pay the £2 for the cloakroom. For the price of one jägerbomb, you’ll thank yourself later when you’re waiting for a taxi both snug and smug.

  1. Feelin’ festive?

Running late for a class again with no time to pick an outfit? A Christmas jumper is your new best pal. Not only will you look like you tried, but it’ll make you cheerier while sitting listening to your lecturer for two hours.

  1. Cosy up.

Hats, scarves and gloves are necessary for this weather and never have they been in more demand. Find your perfect style; a cosy snood, a bold faux fur number or classic cable knit – they can give an outfit a whole new lease of life!

  1. On a budget?

Feeling like you’ve not got the finances to buy a winter wardrobe? Get creative with your clothes – add polo necks under dresses, belts over jackets and sheer tights under ripped jeans. That way you’ve got more money for mulled wine at the markets!

By Amy Shearer