Shining a spotlight on the Strathclyde Musical Theatre Society

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By Lauren Hunter (she/her) and Kate Connor (she/they)

It’s nearly time for curtain up on Strathclyde Musical Theatre Society’s latest showcase, ‘A Night at the Musicals’. Ahead of their performances this weekend, we sat down with society member Kate Connor to find out more…

What does the Musical Theatre Society do?

The Musical Theatre society meet weekly (once or twice a week, depending on how much you are performing). Rehearsals are full of laughter and, of course, rehearsing. 

In the first semester the society works towards this showcase, and also some carolling at the end of December. In the second semester, the focus is on the main summer show at the end of the year. 

There are also many opportunities for socialising and getting to know your cast mates with a variety of socials throughout the semester. 

What can audiences expect from ‘A Night at the Musicals’?

They can expect a showcase of different songs from a variety of musicals – new and old. Performances will vary from soloists to ensemble numbers and so much talent will be present on the stage. 

A live band can be expected to accompany the performers, as well as lighting and set pieces to enhance the ambiance of the entire concert. 

It is a night to look forward to! A term’s worth of rehearsals pay off in front of a live audience! 

What has been your favourite experience in the society? 

My favourite thing about being part of the Musical Theatre society is being surrounded by so many positive and big personalities. Performing is something I did a lot of in high school and, coming to university, I didn’t realise how much I missed it until it wasn’t there. 

I love the commitment that everyone has, and how talented everyone is – sometimes it’s quite intimidating!

How would you recommend it to other students?

I would recommend it to anyone looking to step outside their comfort zone or anyone who enjoys musicals and musical theatre, even casually. It is such a fun and gives a nice respite from the business of uni, for a few hours a week. 

There’s opportunities for people of all performance preferences and levels; there’s no reason why you can’t just stick to backstage either, a helping hand is always welcome!

You can buy tickets for ‘A Night at the Musicals’ here.