Single review – ‘Limerence’ by Bottle Rockets.

By Zara Grew

Emerging indie rock band, Bottle Rockets, have recently released their third single of the year ‘Limerence’ and its autumnal angst and heavy catharsis makes it the perfect addition to your ‘Spooky Season’ playlist.

The Glasgow-based quartet are known for producing new wave inspired grooves which are catching the attention of live audiences as well as online listeners. The new track continues the hype as it untangles feelings of catharsis and the blurred lines between love and obsession. The atmospheric intro has an almost ghostly, haunted feel with heavy bass and faded vocals. The track then picks up to become fast paced and melodic. Lead singer Kenzi Murray’s vocals are enchantingly soft yet commanding, and we are prescribed a satisfying build up of speed and intensity. The chorus confronts us with the pivotal line ‘I’m in love with you’ which comes with a slow pace and releases the tension through a drop in tempo.

‘Limerence’ is a curious title, meaning obsession often accompanied by delusion. The continuous repetition of love is therefore deliciously unsettling, permitting the listener to relish the chaos of the track. Lyrics ‘You don’t get it’ and ‘I’m in love with you’ are then layered over each other and by pulling in an electronic element you can feel the cathartic bashing out of frustration and angst.

The single is a delight, playing on the tropes of unrequited love and madness-induced obsession. It is synonymous with the band’s discography which hasn’t disappointed yet. However, this is arguably an edgier and more sophisticated track than what we’ve seen before. Bottle Rockets’ growing popularity is undeniable. Releasing three singles this year, the band are pushing for recognition. It has notably paid off as they gained a coveted spot opening the Barrowland Ballroom at this year’s Tenement Trail. The recent single has gained further exposure as it is featured on Spotify’s ‘We are Glasgow’ playlist. The track wholly captures the bittersweet bite of love, perfect for cold walks home and late-night listening. ‘Limerence’ has undoubtedly garnered intrigue and will keep people interested and eager for the band’s next release.