Bobbll- A New App for Students by Students

By Alyx Johnstone

Swipe left…swipe right…all the while judging a potential love interest based on a few pictures and a brief biography. It is a modern way of dating that many of us have become accustomed to. So popular in fact that Tinder now has over 5 million users in the UK alone. But what if the way we use the app could be transferred into other areas of our life? 

This thinking is what led students Leonardo Zussner and Vanja Popvic to found new app Bobbl in 2019. Their vision was to create an app for students using a similar design to Tinder but for the purpose of finding student jobs. 

Set to launch in October, there are already more than 100 students on the waiting list ready to get involved when it goes live. There are also over 31 companies waiting to use the app to recruit students in Glasgow and Edinburgh, mainly in the hospitality sector but also branching out to industries such as security. One of the biggest names they have so far is the popular West End bar, The Hillhead Bookclub. Alongside this, the app offers support to its users for potentially tricky things like CV writing and encourages them to make a short video pitch alongside their CV to make them stand out to potential employers.

Speaking to co-founder Leonardo, he proudly says that he is on his way to London Tech Week, where the new start up had been shortlisted from hundreds of new businesses down to the top 10. He says that their vision was to create an app to help students find a job in a way that was personalised and easy, unlike the experiences he has previously had with other job websites. 

“It is really a frictionless recruitment experience for students by students”.

He goes on to say that the app works exactly like Tinder in the sense that you swipe right if you’re interested in the job. Then, the employer can message you directly to get to know you more. The added option of bringing your CV to life in form of a video means that that employers are no longer faced with the monotonous task of reading bland CV and cover letters.

And although they unfortunately didn’t win at the London event, it seems like the app is set up to be successful when the launch comes around this month. If you’re looking for love then this isn’t for you but if you’re wanting to make some money around your studies and find a decent job, seemingly hassle free then perhaps this new way of job hunting could be for you. The app can be downloaded from all app stores now ahead of it’s launch. Details below for Bobbl’s social media for more information.