Love LGBT History Month this February

February marks National LGBT History Month and a huge variety of events celebrate the occasion. The thought-provoking and fun celebrations are a proud tradition of Glasgow’s students.

Strathclyde LGBT is leading the way with a discussion series in conjunction with the School of Education every Monday at 5:30pm in SW105, Stenhouse Wing. On Valentine’s Day the Union hosts a classic LGBT film screening in the Lounge.

Strathclyde LGBT+ society said: “LGBT+ History Month is important in our overall aims of achieving the same level of equality within the uni for all LGBT+ identifying individuals and raising awareness of some of the lesser known identities.”

“It gives us a platform to educate people on the critical issues we as a community face today and also on the history of how the movement has been shaped especially by those who were swept under the rug and glossed over like prominent trans and POC activists without whom we wouldn’t be where we are today.

It’s a great opportunity to remember LGBT+ identifying people who did a lot for the community (like Marsha P. Johnson).”

Student Andy L. said: “Having only recently come out to close family I think that LGBT History Month is of great importance. Had I not had a network of great friends I don’t know if I could have done it alone. LGBT History Month is important to reassure people of the LGBT community that they are not alone.”

“LGBT history month marks the annual celebration of queer culture. It is an opportunity for the whole community to reflect on those who have fought for the freedoms and privileges that we can now enjoy today. It also allows us to think of the ways in which we can resolve issues we still face as a community in today’s world,” said the GCU LGBT+ Liberation Group.

February’s celebration can be a valuable opportunity for everyone, “This month is hugely important within the LGBTQ society as it not only allows for remembrance of events gone by, but to evoke a sense of optimism for the future. As a straight ally with many friends in the community, I am really looking forward to learning more at the history exhibition and how I can offer more support and understanding going forward,” said Amy, a student.

Many more events across the city include LGBT Art – What is Drag? (6pm, 19th February) and GCU Glitter Ball (8pm, 22nd February) at GCU Students’ Association. They are open to students and non-students alike.

By Jack Henderson