The Wright Stuff: Edgar Wright’s 5 best films.

By Fraser Bryce

I’m not going to mince my words here: Edgar Wright is one of the best directors of our age. From his work on the sitcom Spaced, to the upcoming heist movie Baby Driver, his work has always stood head and shoulders above his peers. In celebration of Baby Driver’s release, I’m going to attempt to present his five best works. Trust me, this wasn’t easy.

5: Ant-Man (2015)
Yeah, I’m counting this one. Ant-Man was Wright’s passion project for almost a decade, before creative differences led to him leaving the project. However, flashes of Wright’s brilliance show up several times throughout the film – the Thomas the Tank Engine scene in particular – and only serves as a painful reminder of how truly brilliant a Wright-led Marvel movie would have been.

4: The World’s End (2013)
The final entry in the Cornetto Trilogy is ultimately the most disappointing. However, that’s more of a reflection on the previous films, rather than the quality of The World’s End. This stylish sci-fi/action movie centred on five childhood friends attempting a pub crawl has enough great comedy moments and incredible action sequences to make The World’s End an enjoyable watch. That being said several questionable aspects, mostly Simon Pegg taking the idiot/loser role normally taken by Nick Frost, means that it pales in comparison to its predecessors.

3: Scott Pilgrim vs The World (2010)
The ultimate millennial movie. Based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel series, Scott Pilgrim is nigh on perfect. Starting out as a seemingly simple tale of a nerd – played by the ever brilliant Michael Cera – trying to win a girl’s affection. However, when the first of seven evil exes shows up, the film turns from rom-com into a hipster led version of Mortal Kombat. Featuring incredible performances from everyone involved alongside highly stylish fight scenes, Scott Pilgrim is the best video game movie ever made, which is quite a feat, considering that it’s based on a comic.

2: Shaun of the Dead (2003)
I’m not going to lie to you. Trying to pick this top two was like trying to pick between children. In fact, the only reason this is number 2 is because I watched Hot Fuzz yesterday. Shaun of the Dead is a masterpiece, full stop. It perfectly sells up the tropes of the zombie horror genre, whilst simultaneously acting as a love letter to the very films it makes fun of. It’s insanely clever, with a throwaway all day drinking plan announced by Ed at the start of the film mirroring the events that come after. It’s painfully funny, and if you don’t laugh when a hungover Shaun goes to the shops, completely unaware of the chaos unfolding around him, check your pulse. A full on, 10/10 classic that would be at the top of any other director’s list.

1: Hot Fuzz (2007)
“Everyone and their mums is packing round ‘ere”. Perfectly merging full on hilarity with gun fights, car chases, proper action and shit, Hot Fuzz is perfect on every conceivable level. The finest work of one of cinema’s true mavericks.