Eating out and Eating Healthy; a guide to Glasgow’s top spots for clean dining

Jennifer Constable Article

By Jennifer Constable, Editor in Chief, @Peculiar_Jenny

Glasgow as a city is as diverse as it is vibrant, and this is reflected in the abundant choice of eateries and takeout’s we have nestled into every nook and cranny of Glasgow’s windswept landscape. However, as students, our choices when it comes to dining out are limited to a SAAS imposed budget, and for the health conscious amongst us, this already shallow pool is drained once more- and the easy option of calling in at our local McDonald’s for a cheap and quick hunger relief can be all too tempting, but fear not! It is possible to eat out AND eat healthy when it come’s to Glasgow’s dining scene, and we’ve done the hard work of finding the places so you don’t actually have to!


Prep Fitness Kitchen: 22 Bath Street

Situated just off the Buchanan Street, Prep Fitness Kitchen is a relatively new addition to the city centre, only opening its doors in 2016. This restaurant offers something that little bit different to the regular gourmet haunts of the city, and caters to a very specific niche; if you’re into your gains, your grains, your training and your squats, this is the place for you. Placing a focus on healthy eating and fitness, this establishment dishes out everything from protein shakes to Buddha Bowls, Prep Fitness makes eating clean appealing to even the most loyal Dominos customer. There’s also an app you can use alongside it to keep track of your macros, while they do the meal prep for you!


Hillhead Bookclub: 17 Vinicombe Street

Hear Hillhead subway, nestled into Glasgow’s artsy West End hub, the Hillhead book club is a much loved and regular haunt of students across the city. Operating first most as a bar, they also cater a very cute food menu, which offers a selection of both healthy AND tasty vegetarian options (and at a rather good price for the West End as well). They also do rather excellent Strawberry Gin Mojitos, if it’s treat day… Strawberries are healthy, right?


Stereo: 22-28 Renfield Lane

Another central location, and close to Central Station, Stereo may appeal more to the Vegans among us, offering a pretty extensive menu of vegan dishes including vegan burgers, bean quesadillas, and even your vegan ice-cream. All the food products served in Stereo are completely free of any animal produce, so is a safe option for those feel strongly about veganism. They also double as a bar and gig venue as well, so you may get a catch a live performance while you’re there!


13th Note: 50-60 King Street

Music venue and vegetarian/vegan café, 13th Note is a real student favourite in the city. Offering a wide range of meals and nibbles, from the “traditional” haggis, neeps and tatties to your moreish sweet potato fritters- they even provide a selection of vegan beers! From time to time 13th Note also host a number of art exhibitions, so for a day of music, culture and cuisine- this is the place to be.


Project Café: 134 Renfrew Street

A t the very heart of the Glasgow community, the Project Café is more than just a place to eat; it’s a place to socialise, a platform for the creative industries and a real eclectic mix of art, good food, but more importantly, it’s run by some downright lovely folk. Serving up everything from hearty soups to a very impressive selection of cakes, the project café really is a safe space within the city; a home away from home.