Live review: Eyre Llew

At Bloc+ on 8th September 2016

While I may be reiterating this from a tweet, it’s bares great importance so it is worth stating again. If pure bliss had a sound, it would come in form of Eyre Llew. The eclectic three piece from Nottingham have received copious amounts of high praise and I am here to add my name to the list. The vocals on record sound like a mix of Ben Howard and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon so the kind of hushed, quiet but powerful kind. While they are beautiful, it’s with the instrumentals that lay the core of the band. With two guitars, a piano, a drum set and no bass(!!!), they are able to distort and create sounds that are heavenly.

While the influence in the style comes from mainly instrumental bands like Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, their own sound feels unique and compelling enough to pull you in and keep you there, and have you still craving more even after their lengthy songs finish. Their set at Bloc only comprises of 5 songs, but each one is just as finely crafted as the next. While the songs loop, cascade, ebb and flow, the delicate nature of the songs is heightened when opposed to using a plectrum, guitarist Jack Bennett uses a bow on his instrument. On listening to this band tonight, with their slightly unconventional way of playing, I’m transported to another plane. It’s nothing short of incredible.

Bonus point: they’re great to listen to while studying/reading, it’s incredibly relaxing. You’re welcome.