Freshers’ 2016: cheap gig of the month

Ready to feel the static? Dance superstar Cascada will be playing at Vertigo on floor 8 of The Union on Tuesday the 13th September! If you have a freshers pass, you can get into the gig for free and relive your prepubescent years all over again. The gig is on from 8pm til late and is sure to be a great way to kick start your freshers week.

Another perk of the freshers pass is the fact you can get into see all of the other acts booked for freshers for free, including a DJ set from Hodor from Game of Thrones on Friday the 16th September at Vertigo. Make sure you hold the doo- I mean, date for that one. Sob.

Freshers passes, Gold Cards and bundles are available all on the Strathclyde Student Union website.