Strathclyde students’ walkout over immigration policy


Students walked out of their classes to voice their anger about the government’s attitude towards international students, refugees and migrants.

The walkout was part of the National Union of Student’s nationwide Walkout on 17 November, and aimed to highlight the difficulties international students face.

Students at Strathclyde gathered in front of the McCance Building to stand in solidarity and take part in activities themed around the issue.

According to Raj Jeyaraj, Vice President of Diversity of Strathclyde Student’s Union, Strathclyde international students will be most affected by a clause in the new Immigration Bill that requires landlords to check their visa statuses.

“If you have a foreign sounding name landlords will probably not take you in, because of the procedures they have to go through.”

Mostafa Rajaai, NUS international students Officer said: “We are walking out to show that the entire student population cares about international students and the issues they face.”

“Whatever the Government does, the wider student movement is always behind them and willing to take action to support.”

“As an international student I have been mistreated by Government policies and I hope that the Government will listen to us one day and stop the attacks on all migrants”, said Peggy Lim, International Student Officer at Sheffield University.