Coffee House Sessions: Eoin Glackin

The Priory this past Friday was blessed with a performance from Irish singer-songwriter Eoin Glackin. If you’re currently living in Ireland, you might have already heard of him, as he seems to making waves over the water.

This tour has enabled him to travel up and down mainland Britain to give him the push he needs to promote his new album, Rain Finally Came, which came out here earlier this month. On hearing him, I immediately make a connection with Chris Martin. Maybe not so much in style, but in similarity just with the sound of his voice. If he had cracked out a version of ‘Yellow,’ I might not be able to tell the difference. Though, that is where the similarities end.

His lyrics have a real depth that has the ability to grab attention, while his wistful guitar playing helps pilot his raw story telling to the forefront. Encompassing the sound of the two makes for a mellow experience overall. The set bounds between slow and sombre, to more upbeat, toe-tapping tunes. The two are still strung together with this element of sadness, either a recollection with a better light or thinking back solemnly.

His celtic roots are laid bare, which gives a feel he might be more at home in a pub where lonely souls might go to ponder their lives with a hazed mindset while drinking something a bit stronger than what is on offer today. Glackin’s music would offer focus and pull, overall, towards hope. The song Pretty Girl – from an EP of the same name – is a perfect example. For anyone who has ever experienced a hard time in their lives and wanted to hear something that felt like home, this is ideal.

Speaking to him after the set, he mentions that the Coffee House Sessions haven’t yet made their way over to his homeland, but hopes that his involvement will aid in expanding the tour even further.

The Coffee House Sessions take place every Friday, 1.30pm in the Priory, L6 of the Union. Find out more: or follow the tour on Twitter.