University plans to launch second MOOC

By Ellie Smith

The University has plans to launch a second Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) next month, titled ‘Understanding modern business and organisations’.

The course is free and offered at graduate level. It has no specific requirements – though it is noted that some work experience in a business environment would be helpful to learners.

The aim of the course, according to Dr Viktor Dörfler, of the School’s Management Science Department, “is to allow participants to “gain high-level perspective on the world of business and organisations today in preparation for a better understanding of tomorrow”.

It will focus on four themes: Knowledge, Technology, Globalisation and Ethics.

Through each of these four themes learners will additionally be able to explore the global financial crisis, with the course culminating in an examination of it.

Places are still available for the course. For more information and guidelines on how to apply, students can visit

Strathclyde’s first ever MOOC, a six week long course titled ‘Introduction to Forensic Science’, was launched in January following its announcement last year.

The phenomenon of MOOCs, which began in the United States, was first brought to the UK by education provider FutureLearn in December 2012.

FutureLearn are also starting to introduce real exams at local test centres for the courses, which would give learners a Statement of Attainment, and it is already possible for them to print off a Statement of Participation.

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