Strath Union Elections 2022: Meet your new Student Exec

By Yousuf Khursheed

After three days of voting, polls closed last Thursday and results of the 2022 Strath Union Spring Elections were announced. Over the last few weeks candidates ran campaigns to be elected by the student body for numerous roles. Roles of particular significance include the Union’s Executive Officers. Successful candidates for these six full time roles are paid £20,600 (per annum) to represent student interests on the university’s key issues. In this year’s elections out of the 24,450 students at the university: 3253 of them cast 18,875 votes. The Union’s new successfully elected Executive Officers begin work in June.

President: Adam Morrow

“I am so overwhelmed and humbled to be voted in as your next president. Very excited to get to work in June and my biggest priority is securing a Cost of Living bursary for students who will undoubtedly struggle with the rising cost of living.”

Strath Union’s next President Adam Morrow will take a lead on the organization’s monetary and policy making decisions. Furthermore, he will be the main face of representation for students and will push their interests when attending meetings with the university’s senior leadership.

Vice President Community: Jiani Chen

“I feel excited that I have a chance to stand for the minority group as the students executive are more diversity now. My first thing is to work on well-being support as I promised about the companion pet.”

Jiani Chen, Strath Union’s new Vice President Community will be tasked with supporting and promoting the Union’s many clubs and societies. Additionally Chen will be expected to build bridges between the university and the wider Glasgow community as well as ensuring environmental issues are flagged and addressed.

Vice President Education: Arran Lamont

“I’m absolutely delighted to have been elected as Vice President Education. For me the number one priority is to put the groundwork in place to ensure that as many students as possible are back on campus for the start of the 2022/23 academic year!”

Once he begins work in June, Arran Lamont will be the main voice lobbying the university on academic issues. Lamont will also manage the class rep system and advocate for frameworks that will improve graduate employability prospects.

Vice President Inclusion: Yu Chu (Kathy) Doong

“Thank YU all for CHUsing me as your VP Inclusion for the 2022/23 academic year, and I want to let you know: you are seen. I am setting up a feedback form soon to better learn about what is more relevant to you. I plan to set up an international student support society or some volunteer group to support the September entry international students.”

Yu Chu Doong, the Union’s new Vice President Inclusion will work to achieve equity and representation within Strathclyde’s varied student population. She will open dialogue with the different religious and ethnic groups on campus as well as chairing the Union’s Equality Diversity Committee.

Vice President Sport: Ronan Welch

“I feel very lucky to be chosen to lead the Sports Union, an organisation that has defined by whole university experience and I am so excited to get started! During the quieter summer months my aims are to continue making headway on a number of legacy projects: specifically the Sports Union Marketing and Communications Coordinator business case, continuing funding of student staff positions, and development of the Strath Sports app. This will be in addition to implementing my manifesto promises of developing a full club sustainability framework, budget restructuring, and preparing to hit freshers 2022 at pace ready for what’s shaping up to be a return to a mostly “normal” year post-Covid!”

Newly elected Vice President Sport Ronan Welch will look to implement positive changes for both elite student athletes and those participating recreationally. The VP Sport is also tasked with initiating strategies to get new students to take part in university sport and promote healthier lifestyles more broadly.

Vice President Welfare: Lewis McDermott

“I’m so grateful for everyone for voting and helping me be elected for another year. I can’t wait to work with the new team next semester and get the ball rolling with some upcoming campaigns ahead of the end of semester! Thanks for the memes folks xo.”

After being elected for their second year in the Vice President Welfare position Lewis McDermott will continue responsibilities like identifying and addressing problems affecting student wellbeing. Examples of such problems include heating and electricity bills, mental health care and campus travel costs.