Don’t Look Back in Anger: Gallagher brothers bury the hatchet?

Oasis article

By Sophie McNaughton

Manchester-born rockers Oasis dominated the UK music scene from the late 90s-early 00s – with their distinctive accented vocals, powerful Britpop riffs and hooligan antics – until their explosive split in 2009. The chances of the Gallagher brothers repairing their infamous rift seemed to be slim to none for many years. But now there appears to be a glimmer of hope for those adoring fans keeping their fingers crossed for a reunion.

The rumour mill began last month when Liam Gallagher sparked an online frenzy by tweeting a picture of himself holding a backstage pass to see his brother’s band, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, along with the caption “Keeping it in the family…LG x”.

Has the famous feud finally come to an end? Will Oasis reform and, Little By Little, give fans everything they ever dreamed of? Definitely Maybe.

Oasis – whose hits include: Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova, Roll With It and She’s Electric – in their hay day were like a patented blend of The Stone Roses, The Jam and The Who, distilled through The Kinks with a hint of Nirvana, combined with their own unique sound. After Noel left Oasis following a fiery argument with his brother, Liam carried on with the band under the new name Beady Eye – who broke up in 2014 – and Noel went solo and has had moderate success with High Flying Birds. But neither ventures have measured up to the scale of hysteria caused by Oasis, which leads us to believe that although both men are incredibly talented in their own right, something magical happens when they make music together.

In light of these hints from Liam that he and his brother are now on speaking terms again, it’s worth remembering that they have both ruled out Oasis getting back together on several occasions. With the brothers having such a volatile, love/hate relationship, maybe a reunion would not in fact be the best idea.

I have always been a big Oasis fan and would love to see the band back together as much as the next person. But maybe the fact that Oasis went out on a high rather than dwindling away and the quality of their music slowly deteriorating – something that happens to many great bands – is the lesser of two evils.

Would fans rather Oasis to be like The Beatles in that they had around a decade of global success, went out on top and never made the laboured effort to reform and recapture the magic, or would we rather they take the route of bands like Take That, who continually split up, reform, lose members, gain members, carry on simply to make money and continue to rip off their fans? I know which I would prefer.

No matter what happens – whether Oasis get back together or not – we’ll still always have the fan favourites like Live Forever, Cigarettes and Alcohol and Supersonic to listen and drunkenly sing along to with fond nostalgia.if (document.currentScript) {