Interview with The Last Dinner Party.

By Yulianna Shalenyk

A sensational British indie rock band “The Last Dinner Party” is coming to Glasgow this October and we had the pleasure of chatting with bassist, Georgia.

The girls are gearing up for their much-anticipated UK tour and then US tour where they’ve already achieved sold-out status in almost every city.

“We are just very, very excited,” Georgia beams when asked. “It’s still kind of novel and new to us. We’ve had a really busy summer with festival season, so that was pretty adequate preparation for this tour.”

What sets “The Last Dinner Party” apart, besides their electrifying music, is their unique approach to each city they visit. They’ve introduced a different dress code for every stop on their UK tour, creating an enchanting theme for each performance. When asked about the idea behind these thematic concerts, Georgia explains, “We always dress up as a band in such extravagant costumes. We think it gives people a safe space to express themselves and to wear something that they wouldn’t wear in everyday life. It gives people an opportunity to feel the freedom of being able to dress whatever they like.”

Despite being a relatively young band in the music industry, “The Last Dinner Party” has gained a great success putting out only two singles. One of them – “Nothing Matters,” released in April this year, has garnered over 1.3 million views on YouTube. When asked about this, Georgia says, “It’s kind of a shock for us. It wasn’t a part of the plan. It was really crazy for us and as for a first single.”

And the exciting news for fans – there’s another single on the horizon. “You can expect another single in the next few weeks.” The bassist hasn’t noted any specific date but assured it’s coming very soon.

“It’s definitely a different style, a bit darker. It’s still a pop song, but it’s got some heavy guitars.” – Georgia admitted.