Dream Wife bring Saint Lukes to life

Dream Wife's self-titled debut album comes out Jan. 26.

by Grace Richardson (she/her)

The happiness and relief that I was back watching live music had never been clearer than when Dream Wife took to the stage of Saint Lukes in Glasgow. Back in July 2020, Dream Wife followed up their incredible self-titled debut album with So When You Gonna…, adding another unique album full of their very own signature rebellious energy to their already impressive discography. From the moment they stepped foot on stage, they displayed a clear sense of excitement about performing in front of real people again, something the audience clearly felt too. 

However, before Dream Wife, the night began with the support act Uninvited, an upcoming Glasgow band who provided an excellent start to the night with their popish sound and queer songs. I had never come across this band before but after their performance they’ve gained a new fan. Fellow Glasgow band, Lucia and the Best Boys, then took to the stage, which I was very excited about after seeing them support Wolf Alice last month. The band grace every stage with an infectious confidence as lead singer, Lucia, wowed the audience with her phenomenal voice and undeniable passion, whilst she was backed up by exquisite instrumental work. Both support acts provided the perfect intro to the show, and I would recommend anyone check them out and immerse yourself in some amazing, local talent. 

From the get-go the venue felt like it was filled with a community of people who were all there for fun, a good night, and a moment of release. The smaller venue, Saint Lukes, allows for this closeness and provides a beautiful backdrop to a beautiful band. The group also played a huge part in forming this sense of solidarity in the audience as they took every opportunity to include us. As they performed the high-tempo Sports! later in the set, they divided the crowd in two and had each side cheer for either guitarist Ali Go or bassist Bella Podpadec as they compete in a jam session. It was exactly the moment of release I know I needed. 

As a queer female fan the band are particularly inspiring as their music centres around queer love, misogyny and tackling feminist issues with a fiery attitude and immense passion. During their song ‘Somebody’ Rakel screamed the line “I am not a body, I am a somebody” which got every member of the audience yelling the words back to them whilst moshing at the same time. Similarly, during ‘F.U.U’ rallied the audience together and the band called on every “bad bitch” to make her way to the front of the stage, which of course we all did, creating a sisterhood of fellow bad bitches. A largely female, queer audience also makes their gig feel like a home, a place to belong, to get loud, angry and to feel inspired and safe. 

Dream Wife definitely provided a reminder of why I’ve missed live music so much and I left their show feeling empowered as a young, queer woman. It’s a given that I’ll be attending the next Glasgow gig and recommending Dream Wife, Lucia and the Best Boys, and Uninvited to any music fans seeking their new favourite band.