Chicken Goujons Are BACK at Strathclyde’s Student Union

Image Credit: Benn Rapson via Facebook

By Catherine De Venny

Chicken Goujons are back on the menu at Strath Union’s Terrace Bar after students demanded their return on social media.

In line with the opening of the new Student Union on Richmond Street, the Terrace Bar introduced a new food menu that offered an array of on-trend dishes including bao buns, noodles and two types of slaw.

The launch of the menu was received positively by the foodie network on Instagram. However, whilst some of the dishes proved to be a success during the launch night at Strath Union earlier this year, some students discussed their dismay towards the new menu online.

Students vented on the anonymous Facebook group chat, Strathfess Supreme. Submissions rallied in and soon a clear trend showed that the missing goujons were not going unnoticed.

Following the announcement of the £50 million donation to the University given by Dr Charles Huang, anonymous poster #StrathFess7533 commented: “If I had £50 million in my possession, I’d donate it to the Student’s Union. Hopefully then they can bring back the breaded chicken wraps.”

The uproar on Strathfess Supreme grabbed the attention of the Student Union Executive, and  President Benn Rapson announced on October 5th that the goujons are making a return.


Posting on social media, Rapson stated: “Happy to report that the much loved Chicken Goujons have returned alongside Wraps to our new menu at The Terrace.

“While this is a temporary menu I can assure you that Goujons and Wraps are not going anywhere. Your Union belongs to you and your feedback is super important. My inbox is always open and I hope to see you in The Terrace sometime soon.”