Static Union Debut Album

Static Union, a four-piece outfit from the southside of Glasgow are back! Releasing new music for the first time in over a year, with their new single “You Wish” which is being followed up by the group’s first full-length album which is self-titled “Static Union”.
The album is an eclectic mix of Alt-rock. Combining old music previously released by the band and new songs which experiments with a range of sounds, showing the band is not just confined to one genre as every song has its own feel and influences. This is in line with the recording process as it was created in many different places from studios to bedrooms around Glasgow to create the full piece.
The new single from the album “You Wish” starts with a dark roaring bassline and drums accompanied with singer Sean McGarvey’s voice which uses its deepest tones. It leads us on a journey before the band come together to let loose on the chorus, in the same vein of arctic monkeys, with blaring, exciting and energetic guitar riffs to bring it all together.
Fan favorites such as “New found way” and “Turn out the lights”, which the band have been using in their live sets for a long time have found a place on the album. Singer Sean McGarvey told me “We wanted to put out an album of tracks which represented the band.” Being able to give these songs a place where they can be together as one body of work and being able to showcase songs which have been with the band for a long time, showing the groups journey from the start to now.
Tracks from this album which stood out for me were “Can I be loved?” with it’s subtle use of a synth keyboard and Sean’s lyrics to set a scene in the essence of Future Islands before bringing everything together. This along with “accelerator” With a Foal’s style guitar riff and “the wanderer” with its war on drugs vibe will be sure to get people moving when live shows are up and running again.
Throughout the album the musicianship is first class and the whole album has been recorded and mixed expertly for a group which are only having their first go at making an album. A special mention must be made to guitarist James Harker for his instrumental guitar solo in the middle of the song “higher ground” which would not feel out of place on any great classic rock album.
Static Union’s first full-length album is an accumulation of a group of friends and musicians coming together to make something which they can be proud of. This album feels like it might only be the start of what the band can offer in the future as they still find their feet in the music world.