Remembering Scott Hutchsion

This time of year, is usually full of celebration, exams ending and everyone starting to think to the summer ahead. This year has been completely different, the virus has kept us in, online and looking forward to a way out.
For fans of Frightened Rabbit, the Scottish indie rock giants a time to reflect. This time, 2 years ago, the much beloved Scott Hutchison, the front man of the band tragically took his own life after a long battle with mental health problems. But out of the storm, came the birth of a charity in his memory, Tiny Changes, which is a lyric in one of Scott’s most popular songs. The charity focuses on young people and their mental health. Set up by Scott’s family including his two brothers, one of whom was the drummer in the band and his mum.
Frightened Rabbit formed by Scott and his brother Grant originally coming from Selkirk but based themselves in Glasgow and grew through the city’s vibrant music scene. The band released their first album, Sing the Greys in 2006 through Fat Cat Records. But It was not until the release of their album, The Midnight Organ Fight in 2007, which saw them grow to become one of the most respected bands in the Glasgow music scene and beyond. Scott’s lyrics showed one of the rawest and honest sides that any musician could show. Allowing fans of the band an insight into the problems which he was going through, heartbreak and depression, but brought together with songs of hope, songs like the Twist and Backwards Walk which spoke of how a relationship had dragged him to the depths of feelings, coupled with songs like the Modern Leper with lyrics describing the life of a modern leper, where someone feels outcast, but people cannot see it because its inside, merged which songs like Old Fashioned which talks about removing all modern day distractions and waltzing around on the carpet with someone you love and Head Rolls Off which shows us we will all end up in the same way, so while we live we should make tiny changes which the charity is appropriately named after. These songs brought together gave fans an album which many consider a masterpiece from Scott.
After extensively touring TMNOF, the band had a break before returning in 2010 with the Winter of Mixed Drinks. Scott said this was the album which he created that he disliked the most, but it still gave the band a pathway into finding a major record deal signing with Warner record company. Before releasing 2013’s Pedestrian Verse which gave the band the opportunity to step up their music to another new level in terms of recording and promotion but the sound and lyrics stayed true to Frightened Rabbit’s roots, a single from the album gave the band its biggest commercial success through Woodpile.
Leaving the band with their final masterpiece the Painting of a Panic Attack. This poignant album moving the band to a more sonic sound which had not been heard before, fittingly, produced by Aaron Dessner from the National, one of Scott’s favourite bands. Showing the band was not just staying with the same sound, they were forever changing and adapting.
Sadly only 2 months after the band finished their 10th anniversary tour of The Midnight Organ Fight, which saw them play to some of their biggest crowds they had ever played too, Scott took his own life.
The outpouring of emotions from fans and musicians alike, showed the respect and love for him, people such as Frank Turner covered one of Frightened Rabbits’ songs and he proclaimed, he was doing it to celebrate the life of Scott and the beautiful music that he created. This was coupled with fans recognition of the man whose lyrics have and continue to help so many people through hard times in their lives.
Scott’s legacy lives on through his music with the charity Tiny Changes set up in his name. The charity celebrated its first anniversary this May with a social media campaign TOGETHER which gave fans of the band the chance to share memories and remember Scott in the best way possible, the way he should be remembered, through his music and bright personality.
This initial campaign is being followed up by an initiative called “Tiny Gigs” where the charity is running virtual shows from a range of artists who have connections with Scott to help raise money and also to give groups a platform to play on during this lockdown which has hit the music industry hard.
We hope the charity has many successes in the future and continue the great work they are doing helping young people. If anyone is feeling down at the moment or anytime, don’t be afraid to reach out for help to the Tiny Changes charity or others who do similar work you’re not alone and if you wish please donate to the charity at .