Top Five: Netflix Shows to Watch This Summer

The school year has finally come to an end and exams are almost over. This means it is time for some proper binge watching. Here are five of the best shows on Netflix right now that that will make you skip 16 seconds to the next episode.

  • Everything Sucks! – The ultimate high-school comedy drama. Something light and happy. Think ‘Stranger Things’ without the Upside Down and demogorgons. Revolves around a group of friends who are outcasts. They discover their sexuality, go on dates and make movies together at the Boring High School in Oregon.EverythingSucks
  • Santa Clarita Diet – a couple who had the perfect life, the perfect house, job and family. Everything they wished for. Until one day the wife dies. And also doesn’t. She is both dead and undead. A zombie, that goes to pilates and sips on smoothies.  This TV show focuses on how this family is coping with their newfound situatioSantaClarita
  • Money Heist – or the Spanish title La Casa de Papel. This TV show tells the story of The Professor who gathers a group of eight people with extreme abilities to organize one of the biggest robberies in history. It is also entirely in Spanish (with English subtitles available). So if you are planning on going to Spain for a holiday this year, this will help you learn a few sayings


  • Love – a down-to-earth look of dating in the modern world. Explores the relationships through the perspective of both men and women.  A couple who deals with commitment issues, intimacy and the typical problems of every relationship.


  • Manhunt: UnabomberLast, but by no means least, be prepared to binge watch the entire season. It is a miniseries of only 8 episodes that follows FBI’s most wanted serial killer and the man who is trying to catch him through linguistics. This is based on real life events. The actual FBI agent assigned to this case consulted on the show so it is particularly accurate to the story.


Happy binging!

By Monika Rumenova