Burnt Church Film Club: A Much Needed Addition

Nestled across from Cineworld in one of Glasgow’s best vegan restaurants, The Flying Duck, there’s a back room set up with a projector and filled with a community of film lovers waiting for a showing of Amelie. This is one of many screenings at Burnt Church Film Club, adding a welcomed dimension to the Glasgow film scene that makes for a refreshingly raw trip to the pictures.

In an industry where money reigns supreme and advertising overwhelms a quarter of your night at the cinema there’s something incredibly admirable about a community cinema in the back room of a bar/restaurant. Graham, the founder, and Matthew who designs the posters and hosts the screenings take to the stage. Their giddiness at the presence of one of the film’s actors Dominique Pinon for a Q&A creates an excitement that I for one haven’t felt in a long time watching a film. Amelie is Graham’s favourite film, seeing his sheer happiness at having one of the films stars at his film club makes for an endearing watch, It could be any one of us meeting a hero.

Burnt Church Film Club is very much DIY, but that’s what makes it so enthralling. It’s a community for everyone and anyone, where people come together and bond over film culture. There’s a sense of belonging here that fits into the Glasgow film scene so perfectly. Cineworld, the cinema chain everybody loves to hate. GFT, the independent establishment that offers the world of cinema to the whole of the city. And now, Burnt Church Film Club, capturing the community magic of cinema, something that Glasgow has been needing for a long time. 

Tickets are cheap, the screening tonight costing a mere £3. Meet new people that share a love for films, old and new. Add in some pints and some great food and you’ve got yourself one of the most refreshing additions to the Glasgow film scene since GFT’s renovation in 2016. 

Burnt Church Film Club Club has tickets on sale for a variety of screenings coming up throughout May. Catch The Dark Knight for its 10th anniversary on the 17th or if you’re in Glasgow over summer grab yourself some tickets to their horror festival: H06606starting on the 3rd of June. 

By John-Anthony Disotto