Live Review: Sigrid at Saint Luke’s and the Winged Ox

Scandipop’s rising star Sigrid Solbakk Raabe was literally dynamite (pun intended) throughout her Glasgow performance.

Better known as just Sigrid, the singer-songwriter from Ålesund, Norway, took to the beautiful stage of Saint Luke’s as part of her first headline UK tour.

Sigrid’s signature style was present in every element, from the minimal setting, made up of coloured blocks in the background, to her fresh ponytail-jeans-and-bright-top look, a look which turned out to be comfortable given the amount of dancing and jumping around the stage. The 21-year-old couldn’t stand still and danced the set away, infecting the audience with her contagious enthusiasm.

The set was a mixture of hits like ‘Plot Twist,’ ‘Fake Friends’ and ‘Strangers’, which topped the Scottish charts, and unreleased tracks that supposedly will be comprised in the Norwegian singer’s next EP.

Sigrid also performed her new single ‘Raw’, a mellow almost reggae-inspired tune which fits perfectly into the variety of tracks in the singer’s repertoire and enables her to show off her vocal range.

But there was space for Adele-style ballads as well, like ‘Dynamite’, which Sigrid introduced as “probably the saddest song of the setlist.”

‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ concluded the set, a choice welcomed by the crowd as the single that brought the singer to international acclaim last year.

Overall, it was an impeccable performance, by both the singer and the band, who seemed to be enjoying themselves just as much.

The audience, which was surprisingly older than expected given the singer’s tender age, was impressed by Sigrid’s stage presence and her ability to engage with her fans while dancing and singing like she was a veteran of the stage.

It was moving to see how touched she was by the public singing along and responding, creating very emotional moments and the feeling that she was one among us.

With this tour, Sigrid has confirmed her place in the international music scene as a pleasant diversion from mainstream pop, with catchy but unexpected choruses and powerful verses interconnected by effortlessly delivered dramatic changes.

The warmth and complexity in her voice are captivating, while the simplicity and directness of her lyrics and persona make for a truly unique and fun experience.

Sigrid recently won the BBC Sound of 2018 poll and her first album is rumoured to be released later this year.

“I’ve been dreaming of going to Scotland for such a long time and finally we’re here,” said Sigrid much to the fans’ delight. And we will surely see – and hear – a lot more of her.

By Sara Paciaroni