Theatre Preview: Yes/No/Maybe

This Friday, the Strathclyde Student Union will welcome a performance examining the relationship between the language of binary code and human language, promising to be an entertaining and informative theatre experience.

The show is performed by six De Montfort University graduates, and directed by Kerryn Wise and Rosie Garton, and commissioned by Professor Gabriel Egan (DMU).

Part of an AHRC funded research project, ‘Yes/No/Maybe seeks to showcase the transition between binary code and human language with a unique blend of art and science. Focusing on exploring the uncertainty in the world, the five performers, Luke Bigg, Keira Bird, Paloma Styles, Ross Thomson, Kirstie Johnston and Ady Wells “leap between the cogs of the chad machine and balance in the grey areas between the yes and no of the here and now”.

As a prelude to the performance, the audience can expect something unusual: professor Egan will facilitate workshops focusing on the functioning of computers, introducing for example how the devices process and store text.

No matter if you are a humanities, arts or science student or not a student at all, this play is going to offer something different to see – and who knows you might learn some binary code at the same time.

The group has been touring universities in the UK since beginning of February and will continue to visit Bath, Liverpool and Leeds after Strathclyde.

Yes/No/Maybe plays at Vertigo, Level 9 of the Students Union on March 23rd. Tickets are £5 for non students, and for students only £3. Wine reception starts at 6:45pm.

By Suvi Loponen