Gaming this Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day most couples tend to go out for a romantic dinner, maybe see a movie or just enjoy each other’s company. Most people wouldn’t think twice about picking up a controller with their partner and having a good night in. Here’s a few games that would be perfect for you and your other half to try out this Valentines.

Snipperclips is a fun, cute game that is perfect to play together. Made to be played cooperatively on the Nintendo Switch, this game provides hours of fun with all the puzzles you need to work out.  The emphasis on two player ensures you and your partner have enough entertainment for hours.

Now if you’re looking for more competition in your gaming life then look no further than any of the Mario Kart games. This game is exactly what you need if either one of you have a competitive streak or if you just need to get something out of your system without having a fight with your partner.

Sometimes, arguments can get a bit heated and need to get it out of your system. Now what better way is there to do just that than with a fighting game. There are a fair few, you can watch your character rip off your partner’s face in Mortal Kombat or hadouken them to your heart’s content with Street Fighter. But personally, I would recommend Dragon Ball FighterZ.

There’s nothing more satisfying than kicking your partner into the side of a mountain or blasting them into space with a kamehameha. With a fun fighting system which is perfect for newcomers to fighting games or for those that have been playing them for years, I can guarantee that you and your partner will get all the cathartic release you are looking for in this game.

So instead of treating your partner to an expensive meal and a fine bottle of wine, why not just stay in and embrace both your own and your partner’s competitive side this Valentines.

By Callum McDade