Love Diversity

Strathclyde Student Union has invited all students to Diversity Week between the 12th and 16th of this month. The dense number of events scheduled during this period celebrate Strathclyde’s diverse student population.

Through Diversity Week, the Students’ Union and the various student organisations aim to show their appreciation for its multicultural and multi-faith membership. Taylor Wong, Vice President for Diversity said: “Diversity is always at the heart of USSA. It is vital for us to really open our eyes to see how big the world is, how colourful, how diverse and how vibrant our student community is.”

She added: “We must recognise that in order to work and live together, we must appreciate and cherish each other’s differences as we always grow from learning from one another.’

Among the highlights is the annual interfaith dinner held on the 12 February. This year’s dinner will be the first to involve the Christian society amongst the organisers.

The World@Strathclyde exhibition will be held on Monday and Tuesday of Diversity Week. Liberation groups and cultural societies will put up a cultural display of music, languages, cuisine as well as their histories from 11am, inviting visitors to engage with their personal heritage.

February is also LGBT+ History Month, for which Strathclyde’s Queer Students’ Group has teamed up with the school of education, hosting lectures and talks to raise awareness.

Commenting on the key message of the week, Wong said that it was important to remember that ‘we are all equal and deserve the same amount of respect regardless of our stories.’

By Titi Farukuoye