Whether it’s ‘Dry January’ – 2018’s version of ‘Sober October’ – or signing up to the fitness plan of your favourite Instagram personal trainer, it is universally known that a new year always brings new trends and resolutions. Veganuary is no exception. Even though it launched four years ago, we could say it is a relatively new trend that marks the ending to the year veganism truly went mainstream.

As described by its creators, the vegan couple Matthew Glover and Jane Land, Veganuary is a registered U.K. charity that promotes veganism by challenging people to eat vegan for the month of January. Those who sign up online receive an exclusive free recipe book, while their website is open to everyone (even people who haven’t signed up to the challenge) and gives access to many types of resources on veganism, such as a list of vegan products in different supermarkets, tips on where and how to eat out, a guideline on how to read labels, meal plans, recipes and links to documentaries and studies on the impact of veganism on humans, animals and the planet.

Being a vegan myself, it is not surprising that I support Veganuary. With its laid back approach, it doesn’t guilt trip people into being vegan, but it shows them how it can be an extremely accessible and easy lifestyle when you know where to go and what to buy. It is also telling that the campaign’s founders have decided not to make the website exclusive to subscribers, giving everyone a chance to inform themselves and see what the initiative is all about for free.

With vegans in the U.K. increasing by 360% in the last decade, 2018 Veganuary subscribers reaching 100,000 (40,000 more than last year) and popular restaurant and supermarket chains stocking an increasing number of vegan products, veganism shows no sign of slowing down. Whether people want to adopt a completely plant-based diet or just cut off meat consumption after the festivities, Veganuary seems like a good place to start.

By Linda Mohamed