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The Strathclyde Telegraph Podcast features interviews with guests from around campus and beyond keeping you on the beat about what’s going on at Strathy.

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Listen to our past episodes below:

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Episode #6: Strath Elections 2019 Special

ST Podcast is joined by contributor Archie Grant to discuss the various roles up for grabs in this election, what they want to see from the candidates and why you should care about student politics more than you do.

Episode #5: Comedian Christopher Macarthur-Boyd

In this episode, ST talk to comedian Christopher MacArthur-Boyd about life as a standup, wrestling, mouldy hummus, and his upcoming BBC Scotland TV show.

This is a very fun listen! Show Notes and Links

Episode #4: NUS Scotland President Liam McCabe

In this episode, ST talk to NUS Scotland President Liam McCabe about what the NUS does, his role as president, talking in front of a crowd of 5,000, what he does to let his hair down and what NOT to have on Pizza Punks’ Pizza.

Episode #3: Christmas 2018

In this Christmas edition of the podcast, we talk to ST contributor Stephen Mair about different Christmas traditions from around the world, flat Earthers and our favourite Christmas films.

Episode #2: President Matt Crilly

Listen to Strathclyde Students’ Union President Matt Crilly talk about what’s going on at The Union, where he buys his paisley shirts, the failings of Nourish Cafe, getting a good scalping and the role of the Strathclyde Union President. Show Notes.

Episode #1: Halloween 2018

In this debut episode, Telegraph contributors read some of their articles and discuss their favourite – and least favourite – things about Halloween. Show Notes.