Try Something New: Stef Baxter’s Pottery Workshops

November has arrived and it seems the sun never even gets up before setting already. However, winter doesn’t have to be only time for SAD and stress; this year, see it as a new opportunity to utilise your creativity. Whilst hiding from the cold indoors, you can discover yourself a new hobby and enjoy the next morning porridge from a pot you’ve made with your own hands.

For Fika Sake, a treasure in Glasgow’s West End offers weekly pottery workshops led by amazingly talented Stef Baxter, who has been practicing the centuries old craft of pottery since the 1980’s. Pottery has always been more of a feminine craft than a male-dominated profession, as Baxter admits 95% of the workshop attendees are women. Ever more reason for the guys to go as well – just watch Ghost and you will understand why.


Pottery, is that a trendy thing now? That’s what one of my friends asked when I excitedly shared my Saturday plans. I do not know, but I would not mind it becoming one, for several reasons. First, because it makes your brain calmer. No matter if you’ve got a massive essay deadline looming in the future or you’re just having a bad day – molding that chunk of clay in your hands, it takes your mind off things. Secondly, it will surely make you feel like a child again and that’s something we all should embrace more.

The three-hour long workshop started with a brief history of pottery. After the history check, we started creating our own Neapolitan clay pots with Stef’s skillful instructions. This included making coils out of the clay and in the end, you had a beautiful pot, a mug, a flower vase or whatever your creative mind came up with. Don’t be afraid of not knowing what you’re doing, because you’re being taught everything from scratch! My pot ended up being an unidentified mug-like cup without a handle but, at least I had made it myself.

When our Neapolitan creations were almost finished, more action was to follow. Having a go at the potter’s wheel was an experience not every pottery workshop offers and it was something that made me feel like I could conquer the world. The satisfaction from seeing the spinning clay shaping beautifully into a bowl in your hands is one of the greatest feelings. It is purely your work, concrete there in front of you.


I assure you will leave Fika with only one worry in your mind: what will you do whilst waiting for the pots to be fired and glazed? Well, you can always book another workshop. The self-made pots make an excellent Christmas present as well.

The Saturday and Sunday pottery classes only take in eight people at a time so it is worth booking your spot early. During the three hours, you’re able to make at least three pieces of pottery – and also enjoy an amazing slice of cake and a cup of coffee from the coffee shop downstairs. Also, it’s definitely worth to visit For Fika Sake also outside the workshop times – you can find it in Partick on 7 Keith Street.

Book yourself into one of the pottery workshops and find out about all the other great events organised at Fika by emailing or via social media channels.

Also, check out Stef’s Facebook page Stef Baxter pottery for more info on the upcoming classes and workshops or visit

By Suvi Loponen