Live Review: Parcels at SWG3

Parcels (Photograph courtesy of Sonic PR) Parcels (Photograph courtesy of Sonic PR)

By Theerada Moonsiri (She/her/hers)

I’ve been to many gigs across several Asian and European countries (I just happen to be fixated on the idea of going to gigs everywhere possible), but let me tell you one thing: the energy at Parcels’ first-ever, sold-out gig in Glasgow was unmatched.

Before we start though, this review could not do the Parcels gig justice without mentioning the opening act, Discovery Zone, or JJ Weihl, a Berlin-based musician and multi-media artist who warmed up the night with an intriguing performance utilising a laboratory of instruments and 3D visuals that left us all in awe.

Hailing from Australia’s Byron Bay, the Berlin-based five-piece Parcels, consisting of guitarist Jules Crommelin, keyboardist Louie Swain, keyboardist/guitarist Patrick Hetherington, bassist Noah Hill and drummer Anatole ‘Toto’ Serret – made their first appearance in Glasgow and took over the city’s very own SWG3, performing hits like Tieduprightnow, Overnight, Somethinggreater, and LordHenry.

The quintet kicked off the night with ‘Lightenup’, a much-loved track from their debut, self-titled album, getting the crowd hyped up, singing along in unison, “I need it, I love it. The music, the time it takes.” The first thing I immediately notice here is how pitch-perfect and effortless their different vocal ranges blended, making it quite hard to believe that they’re just in their 20s with such perfect harmonies.

Followed by another familiar track, ‘Gamesofluck’, and a track from their latest album, ‘Comingback’, the group proved themselves to be the real deal thanks to their rich cohesion of musical chemistry. The crowd then lit up with smiles and excitement when the five-piece hits the first note of their biggest hit yet, ‘Tieduprightnow’. I love this tweaked live version that serves an even funkier groove with brighter drums.

Parcels perfroming their first Glasgow live

The sold-out gig was packed with fans who, undoubtedly, enjoy Parcels’ music, but the group’s lesser-known tracks may not have been for everyone. I noticed that the crowd slightly zoned out during what felt like never-ending renditions of ‘Theworsting’ and ‘SHADOW’. However, the quintet managed to get the crowd moving again with ‘LordHenry’, followed by ‘Overnight’ – the latter a track the band co-wrote with iconic electronic duo Daft Punk.

At one point, the band says that it’s their first time in Glasgow, which can be a pretty intimidating place for newcomers. But if there’s one thing that Glasgwegians never fail to deliver, it’s the honest, energetic energy that, I believe, tremendously bolsters the musicians’ confidence in whatever they’re doing. Plus, the “here-we-here-we-fucking-go” chant that, to be fair, has become a signature of the city’s music scene.

The band then serves up the crowd a perfect streak of hits, starting with their own version of ‘Spiller’s Groovejet’ (If This Ain’t Love), followed by ‘Bemyself’, ‘Light’, ‘Famous’, and ‘IknowhowIfeel’. I honestly had so much fun dancing and observing the crowd singing along at the top of their lungs. Parcels did a great job of uniting their fans and building up hype as the night neared its end.

Parcels ended the night on a high with the highly anticipated ‘Somethinggreater’ and ‘Free’, which, again, had the whole crowd screaming out in a flurry of delight and satisfaction. Soaked with sweat and showing off their biggest smiles, the five members came together shoulder to shoulder to bow to the audience, as the Glasgow crowd rose to its feet for a much-deserved, loud and prolonged ovation.

Made up of two self-contained albums, Day and Night, Parcels’ second album Day/Night is out now everywhere. For more on Parcels, visit

Parcels played the SWG3, Glasgow, on September 28 2022.