Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 3: Gold

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Review by Kyle Mcleod

3.5 stars

SPOILER WARNING: Peaky Blinders S6 E3: Gold

Episode three, Gold, felt like a real throwback for the series, focusing on the three main Shelby Siblings, Tommy, Arthur and Ada at the halfway point of the final season.

After Tommy’s daughter’s curse seemed to have worsened, Tommy sets his eyes on finding a cure. With little faith in the doctors after bringing her in for professional help, Tommy seeks assistance from the only person he believes could help- Esme.

Meanwhile, we seem to finally have Arthur back on top form. Long serving Peaky Blinders member Isiah is tasked by Ada with sending a message of warning by beating up Hayden Stagg for stealing Opium. Those orders seemingly come from Tommy, and they want Arthur to lead the mission.

This scene acts as a chance to showcase Arthur beating his addiction and returning to the ruthless and feared gangster he once was. Things fail to pan out this way as Stagg manages to change Arthur’s mind. It becomes clear how much each character has changed since season 1- all the loss Arthur has suffered has turned him into a shell of his former self.

With Tommy and Arthur showing some emotional weakness, it is Ada who steals the show as she swoops in to steer the ship.

Ada had tried to keep clear of any of the family’s ‘business’ but with Ruby’s illness, she steps up to take over for Tommy. She has an awkward encounter with Oswald Mosley’s mistress, Diana Mitford. The two women have a verbal joust, Ava showing her wit and intelligence, proving more stubborn and well researched than Lady Diana expected.

Even with the room filled with large presences such as Oswald Mosley, Jack Nelson and Gina Gray, Ada continues to be bold in the face of adversary and reminds the audience that even if she wants to go straight, she’s still a Shelby.

This episode had a theme of plans not quite going as expected. Arthur failed to threaten Hayden Stagg over stealing Opium and whilst Tommy found out who placed his daughters curse… he failed to save her.

Arriving back at the hospital, his wife Lizzie screams at Tommy for not being there. It’s at this point the audience can piece together what’s coming next.

The doctors were unable to save Ruby, the most gut-wrenching moment being an emotional Lizzie telling Tommy, “I told her that you love- I gave her your kiss goodbye.”

With last week’s episode hammering home the point that Tommy believed he had no limitations, we see a harsh reality hit him- he couldn’t save his own daughter. How this will affect Tommy going into the final few episodes is what Episode 3 sets up so well. Thomas Shelby is known for being cold and cunning, but with the loss of a child he may finally lose that rationality and put everyone he loves in danger.