Shygirl at Saint Lukes

by Ira Lapina

March 2nd, as St. Lukes in Glasgow, was where the eclectic and sex provocative Shygirl was performing live that night. With her beats that can hype up the club and lyricism so coquettish it could burn a nun in church

London’s legendary rapper and DJ hits the East End scene, a sold-out show, with the energy of the room bouncing off just from the start of the night. But it wasn’t just her that was making the crowd dance, it was also her support, Only Fire.

Only Fire put on their set with amazing tracks like ‘ASMR’ and ‘Double Penetration’, they definitely hyped up the crowd with their electronic beats and their overly sexual lyrics. The techno tunes electrify the crowd and him alone would have already made that night better. It seemed like Only Fire knew that what made Glasgow light up was to also be as a high energy, which his music certainly provided. But we are not here to talk just about the support but of the main show, Shygirl.

She walked in with a latex dress, with fur covering her from her neck to her waist. The whole gig was in a church with only purple and blue lights, it was like a dark night club, which is exactly like Shygirl’s tone, as stated in her Spotify bio, “tone set clearly in the depths of the club.” The juxtaposition of her and her lyricism, with the whole atmosphere being a nightclub full of people who only want to mingle, dance and jump about, and the place where the gig was at was a former church, it was certainly sinful and of course, who wouldn’t want to be excited?

She opened with Cleo, quite the delight, and when she sings about being a movie star, with all eyes on her? Everyone was definitely staring. Just like the tone of her songs, she looked just like the woman who you’ve had your eyes on at the club, and with how exhilarating this song is, it’s no wonder why the people at the club were pushing forward, it was a show that was demanded to be seen and to be heard.

She also performed Sour Candy, a song she was featured in Dawn of Chromatica by Lady Gaga, which hyped the whole crowd, with jumps that can be echoed outside. However, this is not the only song that got everyone absorbed; every song that she performed had everyone jumping, shouting the lyrics to her and it seemed that she felt everyone’s support and energy, she gazed towards everyone in the room and held her microphone towards those that knew the lyrics (which virtually everyone knew).Shygirl knows exactly what her fans, and what the crowd wants. Even when the concert drew to a close, everyone still seemed to have high energy, there was a crowd outside of St. Lukes, seemingly amazed at the show and were engaging with each other. Shygirl is an electric performer, so is Only Fire, and this gig was an electric night.

Shygirl performing SLIME. Video taken by Ira herself.