Mimi Webb at Saint Lukes

by Emily Rowell

Tik Tok users and those nursing a broken heart may share a familiarity with Mimi Webb’s music. Her catchy lyrics and bubbling, relatable presence both online and on stage have laid the foundations for a promising career for the twenty-one year old. 

Mimi Webb left her stamp on her adoring Glasgow fans as she played her second show in the city, this time in the intimate setting of St Lukes, a favourite of mine. The church venue beholds an enchanting atmosphere with the grand organ setting the backdrop for artists’ performances. Mimi noted the crowd was significantly larger this time around, an ode to her recent success. 

She kickstarted the show with the single 24/5 from her debut EP Seven Shades of Heartbreak. The record was released late last year and features hit singles such as Dumb Love and Good Without which instantaneously rooted themselves in the nation’s heartbreak playlists due to their popularity on Tik Tok. Her music explores feelings of heartache that most of us are all too familiar with and the lyrics will have listeners well and truly in their feels.

It seemed fitting that the next track was Little Bit Louder, with the packed crowd suitably warmed up and ready to sing their hearts out. Mimi’s band and particularly pianist/producer, Graeme Heerden amplified the show with their contagious energy and ability to engage the crowd through some of the lesser-known songs. 

The pop singer switched up the pace with Lonely in Love, as it was during this performance Mimi jumped down to the eager front row fans, inviting them to share the moment together rather than alone. It reignited my love for concerts and the ability of music to unite complete strangers. 

Her sudden disappearance off stage left the crowd eager for more and it was worth the wait! Mimi’s encore, spurred on by the crowd’s hunger for “one more tune”, left everyone on a high with House on Fire setting the room ablaze. Despite it only being released on Friday, the majority of the crowd had the lyrics on lock. The single has already amassed to number six on the UK charts and I can see it becoming her biggest hit to date! The show ended with one final chorus, of course it was Good Without, 

Mimi has an aura of familiarity, a girl on the cusp of adulthood, learning how to navigate love and the unfurling of complex emotions. She put on an empowering show full of emotion carried through her angelic, unwavering voice, which felt appropriate given the church setting. Despite her young age, the singer possesses the confidence of a global star and her energy is contagious. 

Mimi Webb joins a new wave of pop singers on the cusp of a stratospheric career supercharged by TikToks nifty algorithm. Yet, seeing her live has proven her potential surpasses the online sphere and I would urge everyone to experience the catharsis of one of her live shows!