‘The Ex Hex’ By Erin Sterling

Book review by Casey Roepke

3 stars

The Ex Hex falls into the sub-category of a second-chance romance, wherein two exes—Vivi and Rhys—discover that their dormant feelings for each other have only intensified in their time apart, and that maybe things will work out this time around. But the chemistry which is so essential for second-chance romances to work was lacking from this story, apart from the obvious attempts at drumming up irresistible attraction to each other. As a result, the central romance was somewhat flat and unconvincing throughout the story.

On the other hand, the world-building of Graves Glen is the highlight of Sterling’s novel. She keeps a light touch on the magic system, but adds elements of fantasy so smoothly that it’s easy to forget witches don’t normally walk around the southern United States casting spells left and right. There’s also a very fun magical-college-within-a-regular-college situation, which adds to the vividness of the fantasy world.

Despite the lackluster romance, the witchy vibes and spooky setting make for an entertaining and captivating read. The Ex Hex is a great read if you’re looking for a little Valentine’s Day in your Halloween.