Strathclyde University wins 2021 Glasgow Taxis Cup

Lead Image Credit: Glasgow Taxis Cup (@TheGlasgowCup) via Twitter

By Stefan Carlin

Strathclyde University has won this year’s Glasgow Taxis Cup.

The annual sports event that sees the University of Strathclyde, University of Glasgow, and Glasgow Caledonian University go head-to-head, took place over the course of 7 days this year.

Normally the inter-varsity sporting competition  –  which is the biggest of its kind in Scotland –  will see athletes from each university and 15 different areas of sport compete against one another on one Wednesday afternoon.

This year, however, individuals from each institution recorded runs, walks, and cycles on Strava over the course of a week to contribute to their institution totals.

Eilidh Sneddon – Strath Union’s VP Sport – is happy with how the event went. She said: “We were able to engage more students than we could have imagined and, in a difficult week, this has been a great example of a community spread around the world coming together virtually. We had students out cycling until midnight on Tuesday and there was a real competitive atmosphere around Glasgow.”

Overall the event saw 507 participants engage, 20493km travelled and a total of 2096 hours of activity across all three institutions. 

Strathclyde Student Nathan Evans even attempted to run a route in the shape of infamous Strathclyde mascot Strathosaurus (Image Credit: Nathan Evans via Strava)

These are the official results for both time and distance travelled:


  • 3rd Place: GCU – 13209 minutes
  • 2nd Place: Glasgow – 52111 minutes
  • 1st Place: Strathclyde – 60435 minutes


  • 3rd Place: GCU – 1585.33
  • 2nd Place: Glasgow – 9410.99
  • 1st Place: Strathclyde – 9496.66