TikTok and the Party Don’t Stop

By Eva Curran

I never thought I would download TikTok. Actually, I was pretty adamant that I was never going to let myself get obsessed with an app that is the equivalent of a blackhole for productivity. The thought of wasting endless hours watching mind numbing content did not appeal to me but I was naïve, and lockdown hadn’t happened yet. In the pits of boredom, I eventually caved and decided to see what the hype was about. I was pleasantly surprised to find a community supporting each other through the uncertainty of lockdown. From making iced coffees to investing hours into learning the latest dance trends, viral challenges have kept us entertained and sane throughout this uncertain time. 

TikTok has grasped the attention of students worldwide. Those of us that are fortunate enough to stay in halls with friends are taking advantage of the latest trend. Themed parties. The videos consist of students deciding on a theme and then decorating their flat to reflect this. They then dress up and get drunk… sounds good right? 

Here are a few of my favourite themes to share with your flatmates or for inspiration to throw one of your own once the restrictions have eased! 

First up we have the 70s theme. The music from this era alone is enough to make you want to break out the knee-high boots and bell-bottom jeans. Alternatively, you could wear the flares that have been growing in popularity lately. Prepare for a night of boogying with a banging playlist filled with disco classics from the likes of Donna Summer and ABBA. What could be better than getting groovy and throwing a 70s party! 

Another decade theme that has been filled with entertaining costumes is the 2000s. And no excuses for not having a costume because you can just wear a tracksuit and channel your inner Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. 

Some more parties that people have been all over my TikTok ‘for you’ page have included hats/wigs, Euphoria (I haven’t even watched this series but I’m obsessed with the hair and makeup looks),  Britney Spears theme (free Britney), dressing as your degree and dressing as your favourite cocktail!

Another fun idea that has taken TikTok by a storm is the ‘Who is going to get the most drunk tonight?’ videos. Each person at the party goes into a room and vlogs who they think it going to get the drunkest. Most of the time it’s pretty obvious which makes it even funnier. 

This new themed party trend is just what we all needed to see us through the remainder of lockdown. It is so uplifting to see students having fun and it gets us excited for the endless possibility of themed parties that we will attend later this year. TikTok has been a necessary distraction that has allowed us to connect with each other online. So get creative! Start planning your own themes with your friends. I know I’m definitely throwing a cowboy themed party. Yeehaw!