A Day Locked Down With Strathclyde Student Athlete Trystan Andrews:

By Yousuf Khursheed:

Strathclyde Product Design and Innovation student Trystan Andrews explains his daily rituals and routines during lockdown. The Glasgow Hawks Number 8 (who trains with the FOSROC Scottish Rugby Academy) discusses splitting time between rugby and university under the new circumstances that Covid19 restrictions have created.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

“Brush my teeth then grab breakfast, typically porridge, a protein shake and a coffee.”

How does a typical training session look?

“Most days will have a weights session, some sort of speed or jumping element followed by a cardio session usually HIIT running sessions and bodyweight circuits. Most evenings especially rest days, have stretching and mobility.”

What are your opinions about missing out on matches?

“It has definitely affected my development, as much as I can improve with training on my own, I can’t progress without playing games and showing how I’ve improved. I also no longer have a proper outlet for anger and stress as I don’t ever get to that level of aggression and explosiveness in solo training.”

How is life without team mates?

“Definitely feels very alone not being able to share feeling tired and beaten up after a training session with anyone who can relate.”

What is your go to lunch time grub?

“Tuna melt.”

Do you have a favourite time of day to study?

“Afternoon once I’m done training in the morning.”

What are your thoughts on the online learning experience so far?

“I enjoy that I can be more flexible with my training and when I study. I do miss face-to-face interaction with other people though.”

Do you have an ideal evening lockdown leisure activity?

“Local walks (was easier during the first lockdown as there was still daylight in the evening).”

What are the targets and goals that keep you up at night?

“My ultimate goal is to win a rugby world cup with Scotland and be the greatest rugby player to ever play. Like a Cristiano Ronaldo or a Micheal Jordan or a Kobe Bryant. In terms of short term goals it is to play for the Scotland under 20’s (which is proving difficult as I have no influence on selection or a way of displaying how much I have improved since I last played).”