Last minute present gift guide 2020

By Sarah Deiss

So you have waited until now to get your holiday shopping? You need something that has quick shipping times – lets go local. A guide to ten stores that are built from artists and entrepreneurs in Glasgow. Shopping local supports those around you, and your community. These stores contribute to what make Glasgow unique. It also reduces your environmental impact by using less transportation of your goods. 

Starting with those who want to have a gift that goes beyond the materialistic value. Invisible Cities is a social enterprise that is training people who have experienced homelessness. Gifts in their shop range from kid’s boxes, maps of Scotland, tote bags, T-shirts and poetry books! Subscription boxes are available and keep the support going year around. All profits will go to those who have previously experienced homelessness. The founder and CEO, Zakia Moulaoui Guery comments, 

 “This has been such a tough year for so many people and we are doing everything that we can to support some people who may have been hit harder than others as a result of this pandemic. Through purchasing out gifts online, people can show they care for a loved one whilst also paying it forward and supporting those who really need it.” 

Gift cards are not always the best gift idea, but this one may be different. Buy a gift card for entry into The Loading Bay, a Glasgow indoor skatepark. Opened by Glaswegians for Glaswegians it’s the only indoor park in Glasgow. For anyone who loves BMX, skateboarding or roller blades this place is it. They also have a trampoline room complete with a ramp and foam pits. With a wonderful café that serves delicious warm food and coffee, there is something for everyone (no entry fee required to eat at the café). 

This one may seem like a stinker to some, but to your vegan friends this may be just what they need. A subscription to Glasgow grown veg boxes from Locavore. Veg or fruit subscriptions start at four pounds to sixteen, it is great to get fresh veg delivered to one’s door. A subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving! If you’re a one and done kind of gift giver they have tons of gift ideas from unique handmade wreaths, cheese boxes, vegetarian options, and so much more.

If you’re wanting to get something more handmade there are a few options. The first is by a Caitlin Rogers who makes scrunchies. Unique fabric patterns and the large variety of colours that she uses makes these scrunchies stand out from the others you may have seen. Her shop is open for your Christmas orders!

For the jewellery lover in your life, handmade jewellery from Glasgow brings the gift to the next level. Astral Connection, owned by Hannah Reynolds is creating jewellery for all price ranges. From sterling silver mushroom earrings to spooky keychains for the Halloween lovers. All orders wrapped up nicely and come with some extra goodies as well!

Another jeweller who specialises in earrings. Those who like to get festive, some handmade earrings made by El will be the perfect gift. These earrings could easily be a conversation starter and something that will get anyone into the spirit.  

A little off the beaten path, maybe a framed photo of beautiful Scotland highlands? Ashely and Stuart are travel bloggers from On the Road Again Travels. Stuart being a photographer they have their photos of their travels all over the world, and Scotland, are available for digital download and print. They also offer a mobile preset pack allowing you to edit your own photos in the same aesthetic as they do! 

Ever hear of an Iron Bru gift box? Ashley Paton, the owner of the Glasgow Soap Company makes candles, bar soaps, bath salts, shower gels all scented as ‘Iron Brew’. There are options for the gin and tonic lover or a men’s rum gift set. With over 100 products you actually might have a tough time deciding because you want to smell them all. 

Wanting to give something a little more unique than the fails safe soap set? Head over to the Braw Wee Emporium, where they have been supporting Glasgow local owned businesses since 2014. They are a hub for the creators of Glasgow selling their work. Cards, mugs, face masks, to DIY lamp kits, a kid section it is packed with options. They have a good sense of humour too with hilarious gifts that hit home to anyone from Glasgow. References to Buckfast, slang, and political opinions. It truly is something to check out for any gift occasion.