Strath Union Bars Will Now Sell Buckfast

By Steven Mair

Bars at the Strathclyde Students’ Union have made the extraordinary move to sell Buckfast.

The move to introduce the famous tonic wine came after polls from President of the Students’ Union Matt Crilly illustrated huge demand.

Bucky will be available in the Union starting from Freshers’ Week and will come in glasses, in a Bucky Bomb shot, and in new cocktail recipes.

Crilly said: “The people demanded Buckfast, so we’ve delivered on that promise. If there’s one thing I want my presidency to be remembered for, let it be this!”

Buckfast, made by the Benedictine monks of Buckfast Abbey, has developed an unsavoury yet unfair reputation as fuel for anti-social behaviour.

But in reality, the drink is enjoyed in many forms by thousands across the country. This month, Rendalls Butchers in Clackmannanshire launched a Buckfast barbecue sauce which rapidly sold out.

Crilly added: “Whether you’re a student from Bellshill or from Beijing, Buckfast has arrived at Strathclyde and it’s here for everyone to enjoy.”