ST’s Guide to Strath Election Roles

With so many positions up for election, and a few name changes to boot, we’ve put together a handy guide to the big six races in the 2019 Strath Elections.

Listen to our Election Podcast below for more info:

President of the Union. The President leads the students’ union, setting policy and agendas for the student body for the next academic year. They are in essence a representative of every student at Strathclyde and act as a spokesperson for the Union. The President oversees the way the Union is run and the buck stops with them when it comes to how the Union is governed. Students can expect the President to act as a lobbyist for student interests.

Example: The recent abolishment of graduation fees.

Vice President Inclusion. This position is centred around diversity and equality in the university. The VP Inclusion will look to work with university societies such as faith groups and groups that celebrate the culture of a specific country or region. They may also champion certain political causes such as liberation groups that pertain to their modus operandi of inclusion and equality. The VP Inclusion can be expected to lead campaigns in the university on this basis.

Example: Supporting the BDS movement or organising Black History Month events.

Vice President Sport.The VP Sport leads the Sports Union and represents sporting interests across the university. They will look to further participation in sport across the student body and this role has only became more relevant with the new £31m Strathclyde Sport building opening up at the start of last semester.

Example: Looking to ensure Performance Sport Scholars are granted extensions for work when they are competing for a lengthy period.

Vice President Welfare. Occurrences such as an eviction, a struggle with depression or growing debt worries can put enormous strain on academic life for students. That’s where the VP Welfare comes in. They will campaign for the right support to be available for students going through such struggles and will lobby the Union to ensure student welfare causes are supported.

Example: Securing emergency housing for disadvantaged students.

Vice President Education. The VP Education will look after the academic side of university life. They are accountable for ensuring that students have a positive and enjoyable learning experience at Strathclyde by implementing and developing education policies. They also will champion the student rep system, and suggest changes or new programmes that could benefit educational performance.

Example: Supporting faster coursework turnaround periods and lobbying for semester timeframe changes.

Vice President Community. Clubs and societies have the VP Community to represent their interests in the university. This member of the student exec will look for ways to grow participation in extra-curricular involvement at Strathclyde. Their aim is in the name – to make the university population more of a community. They will also look to make the university more environmentally friendly.

Example: Collaborating with clubs and societies to put on events at the Union.

By Steven Mair