Fight for the Night

‘Fight for the night’ is an event created by  Strathclyde Feminist Society and Strathclyde Student Union as a response to low conviction rates for gendered violence.

At 6pm tonight there will be a march from the Royal Conservatoire through Glasgow City centre,  before it ends in rally at George Square.

Fight for the Night writes, “We believe that, as women, trans and non-binary people and those presenting as female, we have the right to walk the streets at night without the fear of sexual and gender violence.”

The attendees will be carrying placards and banners in support of survivors of rape and sexual abuse, standing in solidarity with people who have faced gendered violence.

‘Fight for the Night’ urges anyone who are able to attend, to come in order to stand with survivors and rally against attitudes focusing on victim blame. The event is intended to draw attention to the issue, and effect change for safer streets in Glasgow and beyond.

Titi Farukoye, VP Diversity at Strathclyde and NUS Scotland Black Students’ Officer said “we march not because rape and sexual assault is a Glasgow issue…it’s an epidemic across borders, cultures”.

After the march there will be an event at the Strathclyde Union where a fundraiser will be taking place to support the essential work that Glasgow & Clyde Rape Crisis offers to help survivors.

Musical performances, talks, spoken words, and stalls from different organisations that works with the issue of gender based violence, will be found at the after event as well.

For further information, please visit the ‘Fight for the Night’ event page.

By Audrey Gillies